Swimming pool cleaning is vital to avoid bacteria development

To maintain a high level of hygiene in swimming pool and pool water, it is necessary to use a specific chemical treatment for each type of pool. It matters if the pool is indoors or outdoors. However, in order to have clean water for any type of pool, the chemical treatment is not enough. Especially the outdoor pool must be cleaned of impurities, leaves, fats and oils deposited on its walls. This favors the development of algae, bacteria and viruses.
Indoor pools should be emptied and washed periodically to eliminate the possibility of bacteria developing in water.

Any person who is passionate about sports or dancing wants to work in a pleasant, clean environment. Also, all of us want to have the best conditions when practicing the sport we love.

Clean indoor courts and gyms

Due to a large transit of people and physical activities in a gym, everyone worries about cleanliness. In such an environment, keeping hygiene is very important. We use products suitable for surface maintenance and disinfection of the environment, toilets and changing rooms. The House Keeping cleaning team treats every job professionally. Bring hygienic standards to high standards, and those who practice sports in this room become loyal customers.

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