Green garden maintenance services

Green garden maintenance services by House Keeping Baia Mare

One of the services offered by our company is the garden maintenance service. This means lawn trimming, which involves the following operations:

  • irrigation
  • trimming
  • fertilizer

The most important operation in the maintenance of the lawn is trimming because it stimulates the drainage of the vegetation layer and leads to the horizontal extension of the grass. If the lawn does not benefit from regular trimming, the grass will grow in height, it will become yellow and will get an unsightly look.

Fertilization requires once a month the lawn to be treated with complex fertilizer or ammonium nitrate.

House Keeping Baia Mare takes care of your lawn

We are ready to do all the operations described above, so your garden has a fresh look and a green grass. Contact us in order to get a quote for garden maintenance operations.


Landscape art transforms any garden into a green paradise. Our company offers you quick-top design of ultra-modern gardens. The results are always up to and quite exceding your expectations.

Due to our vast experience, we perform garden arrangements consisting of the following operations:

  • grass planting
  • planting medium and large tree
  • foliage and resinous shrubs
  • planting plants
  • execution of mini lakes, artesian fountains, waterfalls

All our efforts are focused on meeting the desire to transform your yard into a much-dreamed garden.