House Keeping in Baia Mare offers efficient, safe and reliable disinsection, disinfection, pest control services.

We will develop a program that suits exactly what you need, based on a thorough inspection of the problem location. All you have to do is sit back and relax with the confidence that your family and property are protected.
House Keeping places great emphasis on the use of quality equipment and equipment, as well as hiring a friendly, trustworthy, competent and skilled staff.

  • Provides control and control of the ability to amplify flea infestations, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, moths, common pests and quarantine pests, mice, rats.
  • treat molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria.
  • Provides pest and disease control services from agricultural crops in protected areas, field crops, green areas, etc.
  • offers firewood and wood fireproofing and treatment products (beams, rafters, wainscots, frames)

Disinfection, disinsection and disinfestation operators have completed a training course from a reliable training provider authorized under the legislation in force at the time of commencement of their activities: disinfection, disinsection and pest control. In order to conform to the evolving standards, the diplomas are valid for 3 years, after which a new staff assessment will be carried out.


Disinsection is the process of destruction by insecticides of harmful and parasitic insects (disease transmitters).

Treatments against bugs and other insects
Liquid solution spraying – consists of the use of pesticides for ingestion and contact, for the control of adult insects and larvae. The substances are applied in sprayed, coarse, aerosolized form. Treatment is performed in two steps at 14-21 days.


Based on the experience gained in our field by our company, and in accordance with the health regulations in force, we recommend disinfection to be carried out following a series of important steps in neutralizing pathogens.

  • Stage I – Total Neutralization of rooms, nebulised
  • Stage II – Room cleaning (coarse wash)
  • Stage III – nebulisation disinfection.

After each disinfection (recommended the next day), laboratory samples are collected to determine the degree of infestation and the level of action of the disinfectant. For indoor and outdoor surfaces and areas, we recommend using the product in a 1% concentration.


Special attention should be paid to the reproduction period, although in the urban environment rat fighting may take place in any season.


a) Urban – Residential and Industrial Disinfestation:

  • inside the galleries and around where the nests are
  • at the corners and along the walls
  • along the paths of rodent movement or even in areas where food is stored.

b) Field decontamination:

  • When placing bait in the field, different aspects of rodent behavior (spreading, feeding) must be considered.