House Keeping has a new website today

We have created our new House Keeping website so that all visitors can find fast the information they want.

We have diversified our range of services, so from now on you can rely on House Keeping for any of the following. Whether you have problems with insects and want to disinsect , or you want to eliminate the bacteria, we help you with disinfection .
If you have problems with rodents, the deratization service will get rid of this headache.

If your time is “enemy” and you never have time to maintain your garden as you would like, House Keeping helps. Through the green spaces maintenance service, you will have a beautiful and well-kept garden.

For moving company / relocations or moving from the apartment, you can call our company with confidence. House Keeping will be with you at every turn.

After you have moved and the space is clean, disinfected, the garden is arranged, the service of maintenance of buildings remains. Through this service, you make sure that everything works perfectly in your home. You do not have to worry about breaking a pipe, breaking a socket or breaking the hinge on the cabinet. House Keeping Clean makes sure everything works perfectly. We are always careful and if we see possible problems, we take action immediately. The first thing we do is to advise you with suggestions from our specialists.

It is always good to have an ally who is with you when problems arise in your home. You can always visit the site to see new articles related to the maintenance of your space. At the same time, you will discover new tips and services that we add to maintain your well-being.