House cleaning Baia Mare

Here are some reasons to choose the Baia Mare house cleaning Baia Mare services for your home. A clean house is necessary for productivity and good disposition. No one likes to sit in a dirty, dusty, and not maintained space. If where you live, cleaning has been done only superficially, this will harm your health in the long run. This is where House Keeping springs into action. We offer general cleaning services for houses and villas, from where we remove dust, dirt and unpleasant odors that appear over time.

We encourage you to call the Baia Mare house cleaning service at least twice a year. Through our work we cover all areas, even the most unreachable and difficult places. There are also special cases when you want to render the brightness of all surfaces. For example, when doing some renovations of the house, or just moving to a different house. If you live in an apartment, or you need our team in a different living space,
we can do apartment cleaning and general cleaning .

In the cleaning process we include multiple operations

  • We vacuum floors, carpets, etc.
  • Wash surfaces and wipe the parquet.
  • We remove dust from all surfaces where it is deposited.
  • We polish the furniture and objects in the house.
  • Dirty windows are history because we clean them on the inside and outside.
  • We clean the windows and sills.
  • Vacuum and wash the balconies.
  • Clean and remove the window frames and handles.
  • We vacuum the walls and remove the spider webs.
  • We clean the outside and remove dust from all the heaters.
  • We sanitize sockets, switches and lighting fixtures.
  • We clean and remove dust from the doors, the heels and the handles.
  • We clean and polish the objects in the sanitary spaces.
  • We disinfect the sanitary groups.
  • We wipe and polish the tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways.
  • We polish the railings belonging to the interior stairs.
  • We disinfect the kitchen as appropriate.
  • We clean the stove, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc. on the outside.
  • We collect garbage and exchange household bags.
  • We ventilate and give a new smell to the rooms.

Call us with confidence and take advantage of the house cleaning services in Baia Mare. You have the guarantee that we will leave behind a clean, fragrant and hygienic space. We guarantee that we use professional equipment and solutions, and our staff is trained to deal with even the toughest spots.

The house cleaning Baia Mare service is increasingly sought after because the world is increasingly busy. We at House Keeping Clean Baia Mare want to get rid of your stress with cleaning. We know that on holidays you want to spend more time with your family, not wiping dust and washing windows.

Depending on the number of rooms you have, the cleaning time can be between 3 and 8 hours. At the same time, the team that will take care of your home will be proportional to the size of the house.

The kitchen is one of the most demanding cleaning areas

Even if you find time to clean the house, the kitchen remains a difficult area to clean. It takes a long time for cleaning any object in the kitchen, whether it’s the oven, refrigerator or microwave. Also add the sink full of dishes, and all day is lost with the cleaning. And since most families spend a day of the week, usually on Saturday, for these activities, that day becomes too short. When you start to rub the different surfaces of the kitchen, with the commercial solutions, you will realise how tiring it is. Like any new experience, to contact House Keeping you need to identify the problem. The issue may be time, fatigue, results after a day of house cleaning. Whatever the reasons, after seeing the house cleaned by our House Keeping team, you will be convinced that you have taken the right decision.

In addition, for cleaning a house in Baia Mare, we use a team with a lot of experience, who works quickly and well. House Keeping guarantees the quality of the execution of the general cleaning at the house or villa. Thus, your home will shine clean. Contact us to schedule as soon as possible, because during this time, our House Keeping team is quite busy.