Building maintenance means all the technical and organizational activities undertaken to maintain or restore the proper functioning of an interior and exterior space.

The building maintenance service is designed to function well with the maintenance of the building. These actions increase the reliability and performance of the building and enhance comfort.

The benefits this service offers are both related to reducing maintenance costs by preventing problems that may arise in maintaining optimal plant parameters, reducing utility costs and property safety, controlling and eliminating stress in case of maintenance problems.

Another advantage of Baia Mare’s maintenance, administration of buildings is maintenance management by optimal functional parameters for the building volume, season and number of occupants of the building, operation of installations in accordance with Romanian and European Union laws and regulations; Professional, quality services, performed by dedicated staff and a guarantee of service.

It also avoids the discomfort created by the limit situations and the search for a “craft” to fix a problem. Preventive maintenance has a plan of action, aimed at preventing damage to appliances and installations, designed to ensure and maintain their proper functioning by replacing used components before failure.